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The material presented here comes from the wisdom of the following Klallam native speaking elders:

Ed Sampson, Tom Charles, Adeline Smith, Bea Charles, Lillian Charles, Richard Sampson, Hazel Sampson, Annie Bennett, Irene Charles, Walt Bennett, Martha John, Elizabeth Prince, Billy Hall, Emma Johnson, Amy Allen, Ethel Hopie, Ruth Shelton, Aurelia Celestine, Emma Balch, Nell Sullivan, and Josephine Williams.

The comments and suggestions of teachers and students in the Klallam Language program have been very helpful: Wendy Sampson, Georgianne Charles, Linda Laungayan, and especially Jamie Valadez and her students.

The early work of Laurence C. Thompson and M. Terry Thompson with Martha John and Elizabeth Prince on the Klallam language has been an inspiration.

I thank Ivy Doak for her many suggestions and comments. Comments and suggestions from members of the UNT Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication have been helpful.

I especially want to acknowledge the generosity and brilliant work of several people who have made their code and designs freely available on the web:

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